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Mom! "Yes Hon?" MORE HOT POCKETS!!

(Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Set | CES 2020)

The creators at South Park in recent seasons have used real life

events as inspiration for their episodes. However, with this one -

I think the chaps at Acer used the World of Warcraft South Park

episode as inspiration for creation of their chair.

As soon as the poor guys at the booth let my glutes in that chair,

I had an almost instinctive urge to yell "MORE HOT POCKETS!!".

I stopped playing video games over 10 years ago, but wow - was this

every kids dream setup.

The chair mounted a huge curved monitor over your head, it felt like

being in a fighter jet. I was ready to jam out an 8hr kill-sesh the

moment I strapped myself in, however my girlfriend snapping these

pics could not be more ready to leave out of the gaming section lol.

(Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Snacks You Fweel Me | CES 2020)

So before I had the grand opportunity to lust this gaming set,

I asked the guys at the Acer booth if I could at least snack on

some of the sour candy they had stashed the chair with.

After fully expecting some sort of "yes", without hesitation they

politely explained to me that they were more for aesthetics,

and not to give visitors a snack before sitting down in this throne.

Thoroughly disappointed, I obliged.

So let's get down to business - How much is the Predator Thronos?

Unless you're crypto-ballin', slanging NFT's, and a CEO at Apple,

most of us won't be able to afford this sucker.

The nice folks at Acer priced this baby at a bargain price of

only $14,000. Sheeeesh.

They want $14,000 AND you still got to fill up your own snack

bar. I'm not sure about this one.

Super cool? - Yes. Absolutely.

I'm I dishing out $14,000 for a gaming chair? - Hell nah.

What wasn't disappointing however was the super-cool robot

bartending in the booth. Wish I they had this at the previous

CES while I was still a drinker haha. With that being said,

I had that that robot make me a bomb cappuccino.

(Acer / Seagate booth's robot bartender | CES 2020)

Of course, if you didn't want to wait the line, you could always

help yourself on the side table lol.

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