• Ivan Montelongo

S-Class Uber X? No Thanks. Pick Me Up In This Instead

(Bell APT-70 eVTOL Electric Drone Taxi | CES 2020)

Bell unveils it's intentions to revolutionize the taxi/rideshare industry by

partnering up with Uber to pick you up in this sweet new ride.

This whip is something you'd expect MTV's "Pimp My Ride" to pull off, but

it's real life - it's coming soon! Real soon. How soon? 2024 soon.

Don't text that girl you've wanted to take out and tell you're picking her up

in one of these just yet. The Bell APT-70 is due to debut in Arlington, Texas

if I'm not mistaken. Sorry guys, I need to take more shiitake mushrooms for

the memory or something.

(Bell APT-70 eVTOL Electric Drone Taxi Cockpit | CES 2020)

The nice lady bragging about Bell's new toy said the ride's were actually

going to be pretty cheap. Something around $20 for a ride that normally

costs around $8-$12.

Honestly, for that price - I'm pulling up on your girl on that APT-70.

The folks in the early 1900's made predictions about flying cars

everywhere in the year 2000.

They could not be more wrong.

Alas, there was technically 'flying cars', but not widely adopted, and also

you still had to fly them out of a small airport.

With that being said, it's 2021. We're a day late and a dollar short.

But we're almost there yo.

A few more years and we'll be pulling up to the mall like one of those

dudes from HALO.


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