• Hope Weaver

New Way Of Shopping - Here's How:


Looking For Your Store Is A Thing Of The Past - Here's Why:

Imagine being able to see a map of all your favorite stores right in front of your very eyes without pulling out your phone.

No more fumbling for your phone, no more rain drops on your screen, no more running into poles!

Although only a proof-of-concept, the Vuzix 3000 Blade smart-glasses has the capabilities to allow you to search locations and can give you the current price of an item while simultaneously comparing it to other prices.

Despite these cool capabilities, the smart-glasses industry has had some struggles taking-off.

Whether ahead of it's time, or simply "too nerdy", smart-glasses offer an unmatched ease-of-use reminiscent of sci-fi movies we grew up on.

Nonetheless, the Vuzix 3000 Blade demo at CES 2017 had 3D capabilities which allowed you to

manipulate holographic cubes, including stacking them together. The capabilities of the Vuzix 3000 Blade

are almost endless!


- Rechargeable battery

- Voice Control (multilingual)

-Touch Control

- Android and iOS compatible

- WiFi

- Bluetooth

- Micro USB

- Ear-phone Jack

- Noise-Cancelling microphone

- Take Calls

- Check Messages

- Music

- Web Browsing

- Set/Check Calendar Appointments

- Location-Aware Content

- Social Media Integration

- Games

- Videos

- Haptic Feedback

- Camera (Pictures/Video)

Recent years at Consumers Electronic Show have showcased amazing new technologies that have

shaped so many of the products on the market today!

It's very exciting to see how this technology has evolved at CES 2020!

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