• Ivan Montelongo

The Pursuit Of Perfect Sound

Unmatched Sound:

For many decades the team at Sennheiser has set global standards in sound.

Whether at world-class studios or the United Nations, the signature sound Sennheiser

has built a reputation for is revered in all walks of life.

Specifically known for their flat frequency-response sound, which means the sound isn't colorized

in order to accent certain frequencies such as the treble or bass, Sennheiser has built a reputation

for being extremely reliable, durable for many moons, and most of all - accurate.

For the past few years I've had the honor of having Scott at Sennheiser show me every new product personally. At CES 2018, I finally crossed something off my bucket list - Listening to the world's most

expensive headphones.

I'm talking about of course, the Sennheiser Orpheus X HE1 headphones.

Initially the pair of cans was a whopping $80,000 American bank notes, the limited-release headphones can be found for a mere $60,000 in today's world. The Orpheus X is actually the second edition of this headphone line. The original production of these headphones - The Orpheus HE90, was so expensive and scarce that only 300 units were ever made.

However, it's important not to let the numbers scare you. This a pair of cans worth refinancing your house for.

The sound of these headphones is extremely warm due to the tube-amplifiers it comes with, fitted in elegant white marble. The marble casing is solid and well-equipped to double as an accent piece of furniture in your house.

Unlike your leather couch, this pair of headphones will make you redefine of what sound was capable of sounding like, and what your ears are capable of replicating.

Every breath, every nuance, the static sound of analog equipment having load flow through it's circuitry is all apparent with these headphones. If you close your eyes you can almost visually see where the voice ended, how far it traveled from you, how close it got to you. Sound is practically tangible.

Hearing these headphones was a joy like no other. Many videos online of the Orpheus HE90 exist where the listener cries of happiness. My experience was no different. The euphoria and amazement these headphones produce is completely out of this world.

If you thought this company could not top themselves, Sennheiser unveiled 3D sound at CES 2016 to pair with virtual reality. It has yet to disappoint.

We look forward covering what Sennheiser has in store for us this year at CES 2020!

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