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What the heck is "Augmented Reality"?

Updated: Jan 5

(NReal augmented reality experience | CES 2020 )

So check this out, VR (Virtual Reality) is a thing, right?

Super cool and all, but that's like an all computer graphics

environment and stuff.

Augmented Reality is a bit different. You still got all those

computer graphics and stuff, but it implements that

with the real world.

In short - it's VR elements mixed with (actual) reality.

Say you're like 8 or whatever, and you don't like someone

or you're fighting with your sibling or pet frog and you've

had it.

You have two choices:

1) do nothing

2) draw a mustache and gapped teeth on your sibling in

augmented reality.

The choice is clear, you're going to go with option #2.

So how are we going to do that you say?

With the NReal Augmented Reality of course.

(NReal augmented reality experience | CES 2020 )

Everyone who grew up watching Disney Channel has

seen all those Disney actors draw the Mickey Mouse

years with the glowstick.

So to be concise, the NReal augmented reality thing is

basically one big Disney commercial re-enactment.

Honestly, it's pretty cool. I could see myself doing this

with a bunch of friends and having a game night or

something. And I can't mention one person who didn't

try to draw the Mickey Mouse ears in AR at the CES

booth haha.

(NReal augmented reality experience | CES 2020 )

The only real downside I saw to this device was if you

left your blinds open and your neighbors saw

you through the window. This whole VR and AR

stuff makes you look crazy lol. But hey, so do people

talking on Bluetooth sets you don't know about.

So now that we got the pro's and con's, what's the damage?

Depending on how many bills you can fit in your wallet,

having this in your home might be feasible for some people.

For one set of glasses, that'll clean your pockets for $599

without tax. So you're pretty much looking at a $1200

minimum if you don't want to play by yourself.

Expensive toy, and with current infrastructure, I don't

think it's quite worth it yet.

For my personal taste - maybe in the $299 range is right.

Until then, I'll probably pass on this guy myself.

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