• Hope Weaver

Your Flatscreen TV Is Tiny Compared To This Behemoth

(LG major flex with their huge display | CES 2020 )

For those who rent a room in Patrick Star's house, CES or

"Consumer's Electronic Show" hosts the world's newest technologies.

It's basically a conference where once a year, they gather in the

Las Vegas Convention Center at the start of the year to big flex

in front of over 250,000. Of course, before heading to China in the

spring to do the exact same thing.

With that being said, in order to avoid an 18.5hr flight across the pacific,

the Las Vegas location at only 1.5hrs away by plane has remained my

first option.

One of the first things walking into the central hall is LG's MASSIVE

display. They wanted everyone to know they knew how to make TVs.

To say they made a statement would be an understatement in itself.

The only sad part about this is that, like many of the projects at CES,

they're merely concepts. So we won't be finding this at your local

Walmart anytime soon. Or ever.

(Hope Weaver - Writer at Bay Phoenix Studios | CES 2020 )

TVs aren't the only gems at CES though. At CES 2020 IBM came in

breaking necks with their "Q" Quantum Computer.

The only thing that would of made LG's massive display cooler was if it was

hooked up to this crazy Frankenstein creation.

I couldn't even find a power button. Where do you even plugin your

keyboard so you can type "Bay Phoenix Studios" into your search bar?

IBM's "Q" can do so many calculations simultaneously, that teaching

math in school will become completely irrelevant! Okay, just kidding,

but it can do a crazy amount of operations at once. So much so that

as a huge crypto advocate, the only thing to my knowledge capable of

hypothetically hacking/cracking the blockchain is with quantum computers.

- of which IBM proudly display's like a trophy wife.

Alas, I was myself a victim of the neck-breaking activity.

(IBM "Q" Quantum Computer | CES 2020 )

If you're a car enthusiast, CES has something for you as well.

At CES 2020 Mercedes-Benz had eyes glued to it's concept car. This

crazy concoction was actually a collaboration with AVATAR. Rightfully

named, the concept car is called the Mercedes-Benz AVTR . The

all-electric concept car doesn't even have a steering-wheel.

It doesn't even have a brake pedal.

Gas pedal? You can forget about that one too.

So how do does it...move?

A joystick (kinda).

The center console where you normally spill your Pepsi and litter with

sticky change is actually where you steer from. The AVTR has a joystick

that you place your hand on, and you simply push it forward to go,

back to brake, and sideways to go outer space.

If yo u want to look at the promo video (super-cool), here

it is, I google'd it for you.

Ps. This thing has scales that move with your speed and turns

(Mercedes-Benz AVTR Concept Car | CES 2020 )

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